Women use bribery to get their job done

London: A survey has found that six out of ten women in Britain would use bribery to get their boyfriends and partners to do their bit around the house.

And with the Six Nations tournament in full flow, the bribe of the moment is: “Hang this picture up and you can watch the rugby”.

Bribery is used most often when women want painting and decorating jobs done or pictures hung and coat hooks put up. The third most common usage is when some flat-pack furniture needs putting together.

While women may not own up to some of them, they admit telling their men they can buy an expensive gadget, followed by watching a favourite TV show or film, or, in third place, having a boys’ night out.

The survey by Bosch Power Tools says, it all means that 61
percent of Britons now never hire a handy man.

Men are getting wise to it, with 38 percent admitting they offer to complete a DIY task to qualify for one of the privileges.

“The idea of bartering for what we want is as old as the history of social interaction itself,” the Daily Express quoted psychologist Donna Dawson as saying.

“Taking this a step further by matching points to jobs and rewards appeals to our competitive natures. The reward becomes the goal and the job just happens to get done along the way,” she said.

When the man is rewarded he has the pleasure of knowing he earned it.

“The battle of the sexes is an age-old phenomenon and both sides are canny enough to see the benefit of a little domestic bargaining,” Chris Tidy, DIY expert from Bosch, said.

“DIY doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s in a man’s interest to comply,” Tidy added.


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