Workaholic Tuesdays: Choose a job you love

VJ Archana Vijaya shares a few insights on the highs an lows of being in the spotlight.

You never really knows what destiny has in store for you, unless of course you`re one of those toppers in school, who know they are going to be a doctor or a microbiologist. I for one, had no such luck. Hold on a minute, some might say I had all the luck in the world, to find myself a job that I love, and that I sometimes believe I was born for!

They say that when you love what you do, it does not seem like work at all, I could say that`s how it is, well, most of the time! Sometimes, there`s living out of a suitcase for long periods, which makes you yearn for home food and to have the luxury of just being in one place for a while. Shooting outdoors in 45 degree celcius peak-summer heat, trying to look pretty while talking sense, and staying chilled when you feel like you`re being fried alive, can be quite a task. But hey, it`s part and parcel of the job! Then there are the crazy work hours; sleeping an average of 5 hours for 45 days at a stretch, can leave you fatigued. I`ve learned to go into "robot mode", as I call it—this helps me accept things as they are and get on with work faster!

Shooting reality shows is another ball game altogether; apart from the 18-hour work days, there is the added pressure of keeping it "real"—this is enough to make anyone quite delusional at the end of it. Nevertheless, the thrill of learning something new and the challenge of getting out of your comfort zone is where the fun really lies!

Now, let`s talk about the good stuff, which outweighs the bad stuff hands down. I get to travel around the world and meet lots of different people, some are sporting legends, others are extraordinary people in their own right. Being associated with sport has brought a lot of discipline to my life; fitness has become a key focus and I feel better than I ever have! I get the opportunity to try out different cuisines, get a glimpse of varied cultures, and see beautiful places that otherwise I might have only visited in my dreams. I live to travel, and I`m happiest when I`m on the road, so I couldn`t have asked for a better job. From being part of Get Gorgeous to hosting the IPL to getting adventurous in Life Mein Ek Baar—I`m creating memories that I will cherish forever!

Sometimes, I need to pinch myself to believe it`s all true! I`m eternally grateful for the wide gamut of things I have been fortunate to experience and make a career out of! I`m happiest when at work, and I hope my urge to seek out new adventures never dies!

Who knows what`s next? I certainly don`t! But I can`t wait to find out!

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