Workers skip lunch breaks as job stress increases

London: A new study has found that workers are increasingly facing job stress, leading them to skip lunch breaks and overeat at their desks.

One in three workers do not take a lunch break at work, saying they have too much to do and cannot afford to take time out, according to the research.

The survey also found that workers are more likely to eat unhealthily during the day, snacking on crisps or chocolate rather than buying healthy snacks.

Of those employers that have on-site canteens, almost 40 percent admit they do not sell healthy options, instead serving up lunchtime classics such as pie and chips, fish and chips and burgers.

The study by Aviva Health showed UK workers’ eating habits are suffering due to stress.

It warned that longer hours and workplace pressures are stopping staff from taking the breaks they need

Almost a third of workers say they are unlikely to take a lunch break. A quarter will only take a lunch break if they feel their workload allows it, while 13 percent of employees skip meals in the workplace altogether.

For some employees, stress results in other poor dietary habits, with 19 percent claiming they overeat at work.

“It’s well documented that eating more healthily can improve general well-being and life expectancy, so there are countless benefits to adopting this approach in the workplace,” the Telegraph quoted Doug Wright, head of clinical development at Aviva UK Health, as saying.

“It’s also important for people to take a break from their desks where possible as this can help improve both morale and efficiency for employees,” he added.