World’s fattest cat goes on diet

London: A huge cat believed to be the world’s fattest has been put on the Catkins Diet to shed nearly half his body weight.

Sponge Bob the nine-year-old cat weighs a huge 2st 5lb, as much as a grown Labrador or four-year-old kid.

At 2ft with a 27in waist he’s so big that he can’t clean himself and even struggles to walk.

Bob ballooned as his frail owner was unable to regulate his food.

Now he’s at a shelter, where boss Kendra Mara has put him on a high protein diet to help him shed 1st 6lb.

“We opened up the carrier and 15 people stood staring at him. He’s the largest cat we’ve ever seen,” the Sun quoted Mara as saying.

Previous fattest cat Meow died at 2st 11lb in the US last month.