Young Brits not excited with royal wedding

Updated: Mar 12, 2011, 20:38 PM IST

London: Young Britons are not much bothered about the Royal wedding between Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, and prefer to be part of a reality TV show and meet one of its judges than see Kate becoming a real-life princess.

A survey by pollsters ComRes conducted last November found that a majority of Britons were "not excited" about the upcoming wedding, with 31 percent saying they "couldn`t care less".

"I`d rather go to the X Factor final because you get to see loads of famous people like Cheryl Cole," the China Daily quoted a young girl, as saying.

Another 13-year-old girl said: "I wouldn`t want to marry a prince - their life doesn`t look like much fun," said "I would rather be a pop-star princess - then you get the best of both worlds," while her friend added that she would “rather go to the Oscars because Kate Middleton isn````t a proper celebrity, and I`d rather see the celebrities at the Oscars."

Pop star and X Factor judge Cole is a product of manufactured fame in Britain who began her entertainment career on a reality TV show.

The paper quoted Chris Rojek, a professor of sociology at Brunel University as saying that reality TV shows and gossip in the media about the "celebrities" they create has changed many people`s regard for the royal family.

"The kind of awe that was there when (William````s father) Prince Charles married Lady Diana has dissipated somewhat," Rojek added.