Young women `put off starting a family`

London: A number of young women in Britain are reluctant to start a family fearing it will damage their looks, career and lifestyle, a survey has revealed.

One in three childless women quizzed now say they don`t ever want to become a mother while increasing numbers of 30-somethings in stable relationships and with good jobs have different priorities.

Almost half would rather get on the property ladder than have a baby while 28 per cent would prefer a 100,000 pounds salary, according to the poll of 2,000 women.

Childless women just aren`t willing to make the sacrifices they now see are necessary for motherhood with 44 per cent feeling sorry for working mums struggling to have it all, the survey said.

A quarter think working mothers always look exhausted and one in five say it looks so difficult it makes them think twice about having children, the `Daily Mail` reported.

Half of childless women over 30 look at stay-at-home mothers and think it will be difficult for them to get back on the career ladder and a fifth believe they`ve lost their identity.

Body issues are also a factor with three in ten worried about the effect pregnancy would have on their appearance.

Almost a third think having a baby would make them less body confident while one in three moms miss their pre-baby figure and feel judged by society thanks to glamorous celebrity mums.

Four in 10 childless women say they`re not ready to give up their lifestyle -- and a quarter still feel too young for a child, the survey found.

Meanwhile 26 per cent admit they are fearful of the effect motherhood would have on their career. Almost half think having a child would make them poorer and over half say they couldn`t afford a baby even if they wanted one.


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