Your email address can give away your weight

Updated: Mar 11, 2011, 18:29 PM IST

Melbourne: A US survey has suggested that email addresses can reveal a person’s weight and what a person’s personality is like.

The survey showed that there are deep divisions between users of various email domains.

For example, it found AOL and Yahoo! users are most likely to be “overweight women” who “haven’t travelled outside their own country”.

Hotmail is relegated to pessimists in the suburbs, while Gmail is the hipster of the bunch with users who are most likely to be “thin young men” aged from 18 to 34, with a college education.

The report, from number-crunching technology website Hunch, was based on information from more than 450,000 email users.

Hunch said that while Gmail users were overwhelmingly likely to
be under 35-years-old (72 percent), AOL users were nearly as likely to be older than that benchmark (58 percent).

The site also said looking for employment with an AOL address could relegate your application to the bottom of the pile below more up-to-date seekers.

“Job hunting with an AOL address? Leave that back in 1998,” the Courier Mail quoted Hunch’s Jon Russell as writing.

More than half of AOL and Yahoo! users confessed they were overweight, and just under half freely admitted they had never been outside their home country.

AOL also had highest proportion of users reporting that they had at least two DVRs in their home.

Conversely, Gmail users described themselves as svelte and a whopping 31 percent said they had visited more than five countries outside their own – almost double the figure for users of Yahoo! and AOL.