Your prince charming is 22 kisses away

London: The average woman will kiss 22 men, have four long-term relationships and get her heart broken five times before meeting "the one", a study says.

The path to true love will also see her endure six bad dates, have six one-night stands and be cheated on four times before finding her perfect match, reports a website.

The typical woman will meet at least one partner online, will be taken on holiday by three different men and will have three long-distance relationships.

One-in-five even say they have a child with someone else before finding their soulmate and most have lived with two men before they meet Mr. Right.

The average man will make slightly more of his single days, kissing 23 girls and having 10 one-night stands before getting round to settling down.

But he will also have his heart broken six times, according to the survey of 2,000 people.

Men are also more likely to be dumped or cheated on, revealed a poll by

"We all know how hard it can be to find the right one but seeing it added up like this makes for terrifying reading," said it`s spokesman Dean Adams.

"It`s a wonder we get involved with the opposite sex at all. But we all know how great it is when you first meet someone you have a spark with," he added.

Alarmingly, 15 percent of women also said they had ended up with a stalker after a bad date or relationship.

"The good news from this survey was that most of the people surveyed reckoned that they had found `the one` before they were 30 - so it`s not all despair," said adam.

"Also, hopefully all the heartbreak and getting dumped will make finding true love all that sweeter," he added.


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