Your tweets can expose the psychopath in you

London: While many of us may not bother about what we habitually tweet, a study has found these can reveal if we are psychopaths, with our frequently used words such as "die", "kill" and "bury" being some of the key warning signs.

Scientists claim users` word choices indicate personality traits and their research could be used by police to identify potential threats or by bosses when hiring employees, Daily Mail reported.

According to a research by computer science professors and doctoral students at London`s Online Privacy Foundation, swearing too much is also a giveaway.

"People are making judgements about others based on social media. Companies even exist that will do this for you if you`re hiring," said Chris Sumner, head of London`s Online Privacy Foundation.

"However, almost all research says more research is needed before social media screening should be considered for use," he added.


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