Zac Efron loves eating bugs

Los Angeles: Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron left the studio audience on `The George Lopez Show` gasping in shock as he chewed down a variety of bugs, saying that he relishes them.

The `High School Musical` star said that he is very adventurous when it comes to food and ate a variety of creepy-crawlies on the show, reported E! Online.

"This is not a big deal," the 22-year-old said with a straight face before nibbling on a scorpion. As the studio audience groaned, he beamed saying, "It`s really good."

Efron then worked his way through a Taiwanese cricket entree, only faking a gag reflex for laughs.

"That is the best one," he decreed, encouraging Lopez to nibble.

Efron only took pause with the Super Worm Cocktail, a martini glass filled with bugs soaked in lime juice. This time the gag was real.

"That`s the worst," he grimaced.

Efron revealed that he enjoys indulging the occasional "weird" food challenge when out with friends, even chomping on Mexican live larvae during one meal. He said the dish tasted like creamed corn.

"If there`s something strange and everyone is afraid to eat it, I`m usually the one to go for it," he said.