Zee Cine Awards return to India

Panchgani: After creating waves in places like Dubai, Singapore, London, Mauritius and Macao, the Zee Cine Awards is making its way back to India, and will celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema.

"This year is very important to us as Zee TV completes 20 years of its existence, also it accounts for 100 years of Indian cinema. After creating a footprint across the world in various places, we want to bring it back to its hometown Mumbai, where the Bollywood industry exists," Puneet Goenka, managing director, ZEEL, said at the press conference here.

"No Zee Cine Awards have been held without Shah Rukh Khan, and this year too it won`t happen without him for sure," he added.

Goenka refused to divulge details of the highlights of the show, saying "let us leave something for the audience to see".

Shah Rukh Khan, who is shooting for Rohit Shetty`s ‘Chennai Express’ in Panchgani was here to speak on the awards. He was accompanied by Deepika Padukone.

The awards started in 1998 and were held in Mumbai until 2004, when it shifted to international shores.

"I have been associated with the channel ever since its inception. Being a part of whatever they do has always made me feel privileged. I am indebted to them as many times when my films didn`t do well, they helped me out through satellite rights I have always done what is in my capacity," said Shah Rukh, who will also be performing at the awards ceremony.

The awards will take place Jan 6 in Mumbai, which will see the who`s who of the Hindi film industry. The awards ceremony will be aired Jan 20 on Zee TV.