Zoe Saldana enjoyed working at burger chain

Los Angeles: As a teenager, actress Zoe Saldana used to work at fast food chain Burger King. She says the experience was enjoyable.

Before her career took off, the `Avatar` actress worked at the fast food chain.

"When I was in my teens, I had a job at Burger King, which I really enjoyed. Then one day I was in the middle of a transaction and realised I didn`t enjoy it any more. I said to the manager there and then, `Can you finish this?` and quit," contactmusic.com quoted Saldana as saying.

Sharing her journey thereafter, she said: "I planned to go to college to train as a dancer, but instead I joined a theatre troop in Brooklyn (New York) and little by little things started to happen.

"I wish I was the sort of person who has the strategic mindset of making plans and drawing up lists, but I`m not."

The 35-year-old, also said that she is attracted to open-minded people.

"I don`t like to put labels on people because I don`t like people to put labels on me. But if I have to pick one quality, I would say the people I`m attracted to are naturally inquisitive and open-minded and want to grow," she said.

"I must say those people tend to be geeks like me. I used to hang out with cool people, but after a while I found there were such one trick ponies, I was just getting bored," added Saldana.


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