Dress up for Holi

As the festival of Holi involves a lot of fun, masti and celebrations, it is necessary to pay special attention to the clothes we wear because while we are immersed in the festivities, we often ignore the fact that here we are subjecting ourselves to colours that may be harmful, or someone in the group of friends may have turned high and out of control after that harmless thandai, laced with a bit of bhang.

Flowing clothes, provocative wear and fabrics made of reactive material should be completely avoided in Holi. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while playing and partying in Holi.

What to wear while playing

Wear white or light clothes if possible as the colours of Holi are best showcased in white.

Wear something old and worn out so that you do not regret its getting spoiled.

Wear rubber bathroom or Hawaii chappals and not leather footwear as they get soaked in water and may give in.

Wear full-sleeved t-shirt or shirts that cover your arms fully.

But don’t wear socks as it is easy to catch cold if you are in damp socks for long. Take off jewellery, especially the fragile and precious ones.

Use a hat, cap or anything like that to protect your hair from being collared with hard-to remove dyes.

Women should avoid transparent, clingy clothes. Short skirts / low cut t shirts to avoid unwanted attention.

What to wear while partying

Yellow is the colour of the season, so yellow is a forever favourite in Holi.

Light coloured clothes, with floral prints go well with the mood of the season.

White Kurta Payjamas for men and cotton, kurtas for women.

Light jewellery and waterproof natural makeup.

A bandana or hat to cover the head in case someone throws gulal on your head.

By Smita Mishra


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