Friendship Dos and Don’ts

The best thing about friendship is that here you have a choice. You can keep your friends if you really love them or kick them out if they begin to get on your nerves. Sadly, you cannot do the same with your relatives.

Sometimes we need just one close friend, who may not just give solutions to your problems, but actually search for the answers with you; who may not be able to change your past or alter your future, but can keep you from falling off by holding you whenever you need an arm.

Your friend may not guide you or be your road, but can give you room to grow and learn, and space and expanse to soar. He may not be very perfect or the best one, but who reminds you with his silent presence when you really need someone.

But good friends are rare. And sadly we tend to lose them more often by our own whimsical behaviours. It is true that friendship does not run on rule and line, but there are some norms, which need to be followed to make it last forever.


Don’t force your opinion, just give.

Don’t intrude too much…just be there.

Never give a wrong advice just to please.

Do not tell blatant truths very often.

Do not mock down his/her choices and opinions.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Don’t let your friend know that you have a secret if you do not want to share it.


Guard your friend’s secret at all costs.

Lend your ears patiently in troubled times.

Be true and honest in your opinions and judgement as it is difficult to repair broken trust.

Treat him/her as you want to be treated.

Have well-defined personal boundaries.

Value your friend, be respectful, caring and sensitive.

Return what you borrow-always. Repay all debts-tangible or otherwise.

Be fun and comfort and not a bag of perpetual trouble.


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