In the name of fashion!

It`s Fashion Week and now it’s time for looking at clothes :)

We arrive at Copenhagen Fashion Week all dressed up for the designers nest fashion show 2010 where 15 aspiring designers competes for winning the title as the designer of the year Denmark.

Place myself in my seat along with my friend and designer Dennis Lyngsø who also has a collection in the show.

The music is playing and then the models start to walk the catwalk and I am amazed by what some designers believe to be clothes, but hey, it’s after all an expression of their creative side.

But as I sit there and look at all the fabric that`s walking the catwalk - and yes what I see is just fabric that is walking on a rack - for the models are so skinny that I start to only focus on this. They are so thin that their posture is quite uneven and some of them have a stomach that actually bulges out of their otherwise very thin body. This is so wrong! A human being should not look like this!

What is happening in the fashion world when they are so worked up about the models should look like very sick young people. They do not look healthy. No, they look like someone who has been locked down in a basement with a bowl of salad for 4 months!

Something must be done about this and it must be immediately!

They send an image to young people that you only are beautiful and smart if you look like a set of bones.

I was very shocked to see both girls and boys being too thin to what their normal weight should be.

One of the girls was so thin that her bones stuck out here and there. They should ban such thin girls walking the runway! I do not understand how that is possible.

It`s something that should be brought more up in the media and put focus upon, so there may be an end to this!

Countries such as Germany and the U.S. have begun to do something about this, but Denmark is obviously very behind and I don’t think that can be right!

Should we continue to see girls starving themselves because they can not see they are beautiful without their hips and cheekbones sticking us in the eye?

No, I clearly think that model agencies should make a rule which stated that all models must have their normal weight, so you got healthy people in magazines and on runways so people do not sit and become indignant as I did - it`s not beautiful!

Designers must also change their default measures so it fit healthy people instead of a model of 175cm that only weights 50 kg, is not right!

Wake up and smell the coffee and take a look at the young people you put on the covers. It is not nice to see a young man with deep eye sockets and sunken cheeks. Yes, it is possible he has special features because his skull is as far forward in his features, but is doesn`t work. We must have apple cheeks that blushes.

But back to the show. One moment I sat there and was a little beside myself, while they announce the winners of the show. My friend didn`t win and was unfortunately not among the top three even though his collection was one of the best. The judges was also in doubt whether it was him or someone else who should have the third place, but unfortunately they let it slip to a Hugo Boss look-a-like :(

We went over to the hall to some after show coffee and cake and I saw none of the models take some cake, they only sipped a little coffee. Why? Take some cake! The models must learn to be more independent and to back out - because it is their body, their temple, which they played Russian roulette with. So it’s here where they or their parents must intervene and say, stop am I not good enough with my ideal weight? They should not be allowed to manipulate with people and shape them as they now think best. It is not a rag doll, but a human being who should be allowed to be fit and healthy as all of us. Yes, I have to clamp down on this, because this is a serious issue which we must take up again and again until people understand how serious this is!

So now my words to everyone in the world of fashion and the modeling agencies - stop what you are doing and let the young people be young without having to look like anorexia and bulimia victims – in doesn’t fits neither the clothes nor the model on the runway and much worse is, that it can go terribly wrong if you exposes your body to such starve methods. It can cause organ failure and, in extreme cases, blindness and cardiac arrest! It is very dangerous to be so thin that you look like skin and bones!

With that said, I also know that there are people out there who are struggling with their weight. They can not gain weight and it’s obviously not those I’m looking for to hit down on, but the young people entering the fashion world and the people responsible for these young people, they should not allow the displaying of such an image of the fashion world.

Its time to come out with the type of models that have a BMI in the right place! We want to see healthy people!!

I`m considering to start a campaign against excessive unhealthy thin models so we can see ourselves in the clothes they wear, right now only skeletons can see them self in the clothes they wear down the catwalk!

We want to see curves!!