Neil Nitin controversies

Neil got into controversies when nude photographs of his were released on the net, however, later it was clarified that the pictures were from a scene of his film ‘Jail’ (which hadn’t released then).

This is how Neil reacted to the issue:
“‘Jail’ is being made by Madhur Bhandarkar, so controversies are bound to be there. I think controversies fuel people’s interest in the film. The film is going to be showcased at IIFA this year and I feel publicity is important for every film, to make people aware of what it is about and persuade them to watch it. As far as the nude scene is concerned, it is not a publicity gimmick. I don’t even know how the picture got out so soon. What we have depicted in the film is a procedure that actually happens; we haven’t exaggerated anything. For the first time, through frisking, men will know what it feels to be raped. It is a very intense, important moment in the film.”

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