Soaring adrenaline rush at Red carpet events

Award shows in recent history have become the epicenter of the entertainment industry. Award season is the highly awaited time of the year for the film fraternity, fans and press all over the world. They bring with them the adrenaline rush and the buzz everyone looks forward to.

Red carpets over the years have formed a significant part of the award shows. They are the fantasy element of such events and provide a chance to the press and fans to see their favourite stars up close and personal.

Award ceremonies would not be the same without a public buzz that is generated from red carpet events. Year after year red carpet events have grown bigger, better and more glamorous.

This year, Oscar’s will have a longer than ever before red carpet event as it has been granted 30 minutes extension making its pre-show red carpet event a total of 90 minutes. Some might find this a bit over the top, however the fanatics would more than agree to this change.

Last year we saw dominant following of metallics, ruffles and spring colors on the red carpet and a lot of celebrities chose to stick to the vintage trends for accessories and styling due to recession as pointed by fashion critics.

But this year, fashion analysts predict flamboyance as one of the dominant trend on the red carpet. The trend has been noticed in few of the other red carpet events this year. Celebrities have been seen carrying hues of greens and blues, reds and oranges this season at the Golden Globe red carpet for example. Nude seems to be the new favorite in colours.

In the hair department, while the chignons and high buns ruled last year’s red carpet, one observed more of downstyled, sexy, touchable waves on the lines of victoria secret trademark hairstyle this year.

Is white the new black? Looks like it. As this year’s host Anne Hathway’s stylist Rachel Zoe goes bananas deciding multiple red carpet looks for the star, the designer has declared that white is the new black, and has vaguely hinted that Anne might be wearing that colour. In fact, Black Swan star Natalie Portman won accolades for carrying herself and her bump immaculately in a white evening gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this season.

Celebrities’ stylists work hard on giving them a unique look for red carpets for that is what defines the celebrity style and fashion statement to their fans and media. Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman have been on the top of the list of well dressed celebrities this award season. Lady Gaga has always been known for her outrageous dress sense, and going by those standards she once again managed to surprise her fans at Grammy’s this year by appearing in an egg shell shaped dress for her performance.

Like gowns and hairstyles, wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet have also been a point of discussion and debate. The most classic example of wardrobe malfunction this season has been that of Helena Bonham Carter at the Golden Globe Red Carpet where she walked in wearing two different colour shoes- one red and other green- with messed up hair and a floral dress. Her garbage chic look rather became a matter of debate amidst the fashion police.

As the thirst for celebrities, controversy and red carpet moments rises, and the nation becomes more attuned to lavish events, award ceremonies and reality TV, the Oscar pre show extension is a sign of the changing times. Red carpets have surely progressed to another level in the recent years and in the times to come one can expect them to become even larger than life events.

Collated by: Ridhima Mangal


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