`Putin-Mona Lisa` portrait sold for $300,000

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2011, 09:37 AM IST

Moscow: ‘Putin-Mona Lisa’, an unusal portrait of the Russian prime minister,has been auctioned for 220,000 euros ($300,000) in Moscow, Russia`s NTV TV-channel reported Friday.

The portrait, made by prominent American artist David Datuna, is from the artist`s series ‘Putin Couture’. It is formed by numerous small images of Leonardo Da Vinci`s Mona Lisa.

The initial price of the lot at the auction, provided by Ukraine`s Mironova Gallery at the 15th Art Moscow International Art Fair, was 100,000 euros ($135,000).

One of the Mironova Gallery owners said the portrait "was purchased by a well-known Russian businessman" but he did not reveal his name.

Georgian-born Datuna created the portrait together with his US colleague of Chinese origin Alex Guofeng Cao.

The artists said the painting was inspired by Putin`s personality, which they say is as mysterious as the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa.