500-year-old skulls found in Mexico

Mexico City: Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered the largest number of skulls ever found in one offering at the most sacred temples of the Aztec empire, dating back to more than 500 years.

The 50 skulls were found at one sacrificial stone. Five were buried under the stone with each having holes on both sides, indicating they were hung on a skull rack, Daily Mail reported Saturday.

According to experts, the finding reveals new ways the pre-Colombian civilisation used skulls in rituals at Mexico City`s Templo Mayor. That`s where the most important Aztec ceremonies took place between 1325 until the Spanish conquest in 1521.

Archaeologist Raul Barrera of Mexico`s National Institute of Anthropology and History said the other 45 skulls appeared to have just been dumped on top of the stone.

The archaeologists unearthed the skulls and over 200 jaw bones in August. They stumbled on them while renovating a section of the Templo Mayor in Mexico City.