A colourful fete to fund child education

Updated: Jan 21, 2012, 19:07 PM IST

Mumbai: A fete full of innovative activities like pottery-making and cupcake-baking classes will be held in the capital and the sales proceeds of the products will be used to educate underprivileged kids.

The fete is being organised for underprivileged children from rural and urban areas to develop their personality.

An initiative of Each One Teach One (EOTO) - a charitable foundation which aims at creating opportunities for the underprivileged children, the one-day `EOTO-Fete` event is scheduled for Sunday and meant for kids of all age groups.

As part of the event, science workshops by Indigo Kidz, pottery classes by Make and Break studio will be held. A high point will be training children to make their own delicious cookies and cupcakes.

Fashion designer Payal Singhal and philanthropist Deval Sanghvi are supporting the event in their own way.

"I decided to support the EOTO Fete as it helps us do our bit for charity and helps to promote such a great cause. It is also a great fit for our brand as the target audience for the fete are global young moms who shop all over the world and want something equally chic for their kids for Indian occasion wear," Singhal told IANS.

Sanghvi said: "I heard about the EOTO foundation through a close friend Milan Choksi, who is part of the NGO`s core committee. I believe that there is incredible scope for us, the educated and responsible urban folk to reach out and help.

"When the foundation contacted me to participate in an all-children`s event, I thought it would be a fun way to raise funds but most importantly awareness for their work. I hope this is a start to many more events like this that will further the EOTO cause."

The entry fee for the charitable event is Rs.100.