Amrika Chalo: A play on US-Pakistan love-hate relationship

Islamabad: The play, littered with satirical songs, reflects on how Pakistan has serious reservations about US policies.

"Amrika Chalo", a production by Ajoka Theatre and directed by Madeeha Gohar, was a satirical response to the love-hate relationship between Pakistan and the US, Dawn News reported.

The play, littered with satirical songs, reflected on how Pakistan had serious reservations about US policies towards the Muslim world, the "do more" demands and the drone attacks.

Writer Shahid Nadeem questioned the American values of liberty, freedom and morality that are too often contradicted by its "high-handed imperialist policies", the daily said.

The backdrop of the stage was a huge canvas with images of skyscrapers and American icons like Michael Jackson and Angelina Jolie to mention a few. The scene was set in the visa section of the US embassy in Islamabad, where a number of applicants intending to visit the US had gathered for interviews.

A businessman, a possible illegal migrant pretending to be a tourist, a politician, a cleric, a student, a puppeteer, and an aged couple are all shown as suffering humiliation at the visa section.

Each one of the visa seekers had a completely different reason for visiting the "land of opportunities".

A group of young audience, however, described the script, dialogues and the storyline as a "disaster".

"This was the worst of Ajoka`s production compared to the wonderful dramas we have seen before," Teepu Mali was quoted as saying.

Some said the play depicted people from all walks of life but did not portray the Pakistan Army that they believed was the most important part of the relationship between Pakistan and the US.

Yet some others said it was a "timely dose" to make Pakistanis realise that they could not go on being humiliated and ruled by people who were champions of human rights and at the same time the "biggest violators of values and principles".

The daily termed the cast "excellent". Most people in the audience said Furqan Majeed as a homosexual security personnel was splendid.


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