Arnold inspects his larger-than-life sculpture

Washington: Actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was pictured inspecting a 9-foot-tall clay sculpture built in his image during his bodybuilding days.

The statue, which depicts the former Mr. Universe at the height of his bodybuilding career, received the approval of Schwarzenegger, 63, before being sent for bronzing.

Schwarzenegger, who recently announced his return to acting, visited northern Idaho to suggest a few modifications to the clay sculpture.

It is destined to stand in a rippling, full-flex pose outside his childhood home, which is now a museum in Thal, Austria.

Schwarzenegger first commissioned Lewiston artist Ralph Crawford in the 1970s to create a small bronze that became a trophy for a fitness event.

He noted Crawford’s passion and his ability to sculpt accurate proportions when it comes to veins, muscle separation and head position. He also said he appreciates Crawford’s method, taking months to create a sculpture.

“It was the bodybuilding that got me to America, that got me into movies, that got me the governorship,” CBS News quoted him as saying.

“That’s where I learned about reaching out and helping other people,” he said.

Crawford, 77, said he has already started work on a new sculpture of Schwarzenegger depicting him during his time as governor.


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