Art classes with nude models draw crowd

Updated: Aug 16, 2010, 16:20 PM IST

London: A pub in Britain has become a hit after it started art classes with naked models.

The Flying Duck in Glasgow has witnessed a surge in patrons after establishing the naked sketching sessions to brighten up Tuesday nights. It is such a success that the organisers are now finding it difficult to squeeze in all the budding artists, The Sun reported Monday.

Interestingly, there is even a waiting list of over 100 models who have volunteered to strip for it.

"On the first night there were eight of us, at the second there were 15 - and now it is up to more than 70.

"We are amazed, but delighted by just how popular it has become - although we do sometimes struggle to find space," artist Joanna Susskind, who runs the classes All the Young Nudes, was quoted as saying.

Joanna, who came up with idea during a course at Glasgow School of Art, said: "A group of us really wanted to continue doing the classes and luckily the Flying Duck were happy to provide a venue for us."

The budding artists pay four pounds for a two-hour sketching session that features two or three models, a DJ and plenty to eat and drink.

She observed that the atmosphere was "laid-back".

"There have been times when guys have not been drawing and have just been standing there holding a beer. They are really obvious because everyone else is really caught up in their sketching.

"There is a club night next door so we have to man the door and watch it like hawks. Guys sometimes burst in and try to get a glimpse of naked people - but thankfully our models are pretty chilled-out," she said.

Bar owner Del McCann, 30, said: "The classes are almost as well attended as some of the club nights that we put on.

"You see some unusual sights when you work behind a bar, but having naked models around took a bit of getting used to. Now we are all completely used to it. I can`t think of any other pub that offers anything quite like this."