Artist creates `magical` tree that bears `40 different fruits`

Washington: Artist Sam Van Aken has created a single tree that could produce 40 different stone fruits with the help of technique called `grafting`.

In the project called ` Tree of 40 Fruit` the artist grafted 40 different stone fruit branches onto a single tree, which would ultimately create a tree that would slowly begin blooming at the beginning of spring and continue through the season as different varieties hit their marks, further in summers those would all begin to grow fruits, including different types of cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots, the Verge reported.

According to Epicurious, Van Aken said that he tried to include local fruits on each of his trees, as well as varieties that weren`t commercially available and there`s a preservation element also that he was bringing in to it too.

There are 16 trees of them so far; located in museums, community centers, and some private collections and they are currently spread across the US, with the majority of them around New York and New England.

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