Barbra Streisand still battles stage fright

London: Barbra Streisand has revealed that the fear of disappointing her audience puts her under great pressure when she performs live.

The Yentl star has battled stage fright throughout her career and admits she hates having to live up to demanding expectations.

"I love singing when it`s me and the music alone... I love singing with an orchestra and there`s nobody judging it,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Oprah Winfrey.

“When you come out and perform in front of people, it`s pressure... I don`t want to disappoint anybody.

"That`s why I can`t sing in people`s living rooms... I don`t know what to do. Where do I look? If I even see people in the front row of a concert hall and someone`s not paying rapt attention... They don`t applaud. It`s like if they pay bigger money `cos they`re in the front seat, somehow that entitles them not to applaud. What is that about?" she said.