Bharati Shivaji presents `Sita Ram Pariney` in Mohiniyattam

PTI| Updated: Oct 30, 2013, 21:37 PM IST

New Delhi: Mohiniyatam exponent Bharati Shivaji has developed a new dance-drama choreography inspired by the epic Ramayana

Assisted by her daughter and disciple Vijayalakshmi, the piece "Sita Ram Pariney" describing the first meeting of Lord Rama with Sita is set to be staged here on October 31.

Vijaylakshmi essays the meeting at the Pushpa Vatika, their instant attraction to each other, followed by the Swayamvar where Ram breaks the bow and wins Sita as bride, and then the wedding, which is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.

"Perhaps, it is the first attempt of its kind in presenting Sita-Ram Pariney in the Mohiniyattam idiom. It has been specially choreographed to incorporate and highlight the regional musical style popularly sung in North India," says Bharati.

The stalwart dancer has in the past extensively researched the link of various folk traditions and local flavours of art and creativity with Mohiniyattam, which is renowned for its fluid, emotive and sensuous movements.

The mega production, which stretches over one hour includes a total of 17 dancers.