Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Norway Black metal perform together

New Delhi: A world premiere of Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Indian classical music and Black Metal music from Norway is set to be performed in four cites in India.

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has put together ‘Questionings’, that aims to explore the energies of the `Kali Yug`. It has been conceptualized choreographed and directed by Rukmini Chatterjee using new technology from
France along with assistance from Norway.

"The performance is a quest to invoke and explore the different energies, that surround us today, so as to try and understand the complexities and paradoxes of `Mans` existence in our times," says Suresh K Goel, Director-General, ICCR.

After showing in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad in the last week of March, the performance is scheduled to travel to the Opera of Oslo as well as other festivals of Europe such as the festival `Temps d`aimer la Danse`, in France and `The Theatre de la Ville` in Paris.

Rukmani Chatterjee has teams up with Norway`s touring Black Metal band Vreid to bring together certain worlds, certain artistic practices, very many different cultures, so as to create bridges between them.

"A quest to understand life and human nature is the base for these meetings," says the dancer.

The one-hour long performance comprise a Bharatanatyam dancer two Kathak dancers, two classical Indian musicians (Tabla and Mridangam) and the five Black Metal musicians.

"Questionings" is a quest to understand and survey the concept of diverse energies, that surrounds, penetrates as well as flows through us, knowing that energy is one its manifestations `Energy` in its physical, metaphysical, symbolic and spiritual manifestations, says Chatterjee.

The three arts of Black Metal music, Indian classical dance and music, will attempt to break down as many barriers as possible on stage and explore the universal energies that bind people together, says the dancer who began training with renowned dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai.

Vried, the band from Norway has done 300 shows in 20 different countries playing at major festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, Party San, Metal Camp, Inferno, Ragnarok, etc.

The early Norwegian black metal scene was a music scene and subculture in Norway during the early 1990s, based around black metal.

Black metal is an extreme sub genre of heavy metal music. Common traits include fast tempos, shrieked vocals, highly distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, blast beat drumming, raw recording, and unconventional song structure.