Billionaire brothers construct 450ft long life-size Noah’s Ark replica

Updated: May 22, 2012, 08:38 AM IST

London: A group of architects, who contemplated what the Noah’s Ark looked like, have turned their dreams into reality by building a replica of the Biblical vessel, complete with animals.

Thomas, Walter and Raymond’s land-bound Ark measures 450ft long and 75ft wide.

The billionaire brothers, who have built the ‘Ark’ in Hong Kong, claimed that it is the only full-scale version in the world.

The imaginative trio even tried to give the giant boat an aura of authenticity by placing 67 pairs of animals at the entrance, similar to what is described in the Bible tale.

The Giant vessel has been installed as part of a theme park near Hong Kong.

“The reason we chose that moment in the Bible’s story is because this is the message we want to bring to Hong Kong, to China, to the world,” the Daily Mail quoted Matthew Pine, manager of Noah`s Ark Theme Park, as saying.

“In our lives we always face floods, we will face trials, we will face difficulties.

“Hopefully Noah’s Ark will inspire people to pass through those troubles as Noah did in his day,” Pine added.