Bodh Gaya hosts wall art festival to strengthen Indo-Japan cultural ties

Bodh Gaya: A wall art festival was organised here with the objective of strengthening Indo-Japan ties.

Indian and Japanese artists created wall art on the walls of a school building, which served as their canvas.

They also conducted workshops for school children.

"This is an event of wall art festival for bonding relations between India and Japan through the medium of art," said Niranjana Welfare School Director Siddhart Kumar

The inventiveness was aimed to resolve the problems related to poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment, brazen out India villages through cultural and artistic exchange as well as to portray the lifestyle of people living in villages.

An Italian social worker of Japanese origin Kajunoru Hamao said that the initiative was taken to put across the potential of art among children.

"So, this is an art exhibition and two Japanese artists and two Indian artists, they made paintings and artworks and those are exhibited today. The purpose is to show and convey the power of art to children," said Hamao.

A kite festival was also organised on the sidelines of the event.

Artistes from Japan performed a cultural Japanese dance to grace the occasion.

"The sun and the moon, both are dealing with light. Because it``s a school, which is basically the foundation of knowledge, I thought the light is a good subject to deal with, so I brought (drew) the sun here, where you see the sun rays just keep coming out and then a multi colour line as a rainbow and if you just follow the same lines, on the other end there is a moon, there``s a small moon. And what I did on the rainbow, which is illusionary more colourful, I asked the children to paint, I mean drawing basically," said Bala Subramaniam, a Bangalore artist.

The festival ends today.


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