Burton’s movie career exhibition heads Oz

London: Tim Burton has displayed his long running movie career through an exhibition in Australia.

The director first exhibited the collection of his work in New York last year.

Now the show has moved Down Under with a more expansive exhibit in Melbourne, Australia.

According to Burton, the exhibition includes items already seen in the Big Apple.

But apart from this, it will also feature previously unseen memorabilia from his early years in the movie business as well as the famous Batmobile from Burton`s superhero films - Batman and Batman Returns.

The show will also feature extra pieces from the moviemaker``s recent box office hit Alice in Wonderland, including Johnny Depp`s Mad Hatter costumes.

"I didn`t realise I saved so much stuff, `cos I never really look at it, I was just sort of stuffing stuff in drawers... (It was like) an archaeological dig ... (I) found my original rejection slips from Disney. I learnt a lot about myself that I wouldn`t have ordinarily because I wouldn`t have ever looked at it again,” a news daily quoted Burton as saying.

"It`s strange, it`s like having your dirty laundry on the walls," he added.



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