Cartoon exhibition opens in Delhi

New Delhi: Defying the age-old cliche of associating cartoons with just laughs and humour, an exhibition of comics focusing on the serious social issues like poverty, prostitution and racism has opened in the capital.

"Grassroots Comics: A Tool for Democracy" is an exhibition conducted by NGO World Comics India (WCI) and selected wall poster comics from around 12 countries from Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa have been put on display till June 17 at India International Centre (IIC).

According to WCI, the creations were selected from around 600 workshops conducted over the years by WCI in which a total of 20,000 people participated.

"People think comics are for kids but after reading the comics that are put up here they understand the motive behind them. We sketch cartoons to highlight corruption, racism etc.," Devender Ojha, a comic writer and cartoonist, told IANS Tuesday.

"Cartoons have the power to represent the darker issues of life in a humorous way. It also reflects how comics can become a powerful tool in the hands of masses," he added.

A collection of posters narrating poignant stories have come from countries like Pakistan, Laos, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others, captivating and amazing the visitors who according to the organisers are thronging the place.

"Till now 200 people have visited our exhibition. People of all age groups have dropped in to check out the comic books and are simply amazed by the work here," said an organiser.

Agreed 72-year-old cartoon admirer Kundan Agarwal. "These cartoons offer a rich experience. They can make you angry, hopeful, smile and can even make you cry."

Rohan Kukreja, a 38-year-old government employee who works nearby, dropped in to see the exhibition during his lunch break and was simply mesmerised.

"A small exhibition like this, consisting of some sketches on a paper, has the incredible power to give you an insight into what is happening around the world. It`s simply amazing," Kukreja told reporters.


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