Ceramics inspired from natural processes

IANS| Last Updated: Oct 23, 2013, 09:38 AM IST

Kolkata: A ceramic artist taking inspiration from a variety of patterns created during natural processes such as erosion and deposition has captured the striking effects in a new range of ceramic vessels being exhibited here.

Showcasing the elegant and shapely pots and vases in the ongoing `Tracing Time` exhibit at the Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts here, artist Kriti Chaudhury has stressed on incorporating cracks and fissures in her creations to give a real feeling.

"My area of interest lies in experimenting with the ceramic surface and my work involves a deliberate non-use of glaze in an attempt to achieve a more natural look and retain the surface quality of clay," said Chaudhury.

"I often make use of cracks and fissures in my work, incorporating natural and organic material that leaves their fingerprint in the clay as a mark-making act," she added.

She has also experimented with heat, smoke, oxides and other combustible materials to mark and colour the clay surface.

The exhibition began Oct 19 and will conclude Oct 26.