Charlie Sheen denies buying Lawrence Taylor’s 1991 Super Bowl ring

London: Charlie Sheen has refuted the claims of him having bought footballer Lawrence Taylor’s 1991 Super Bowl ring. Sheen dismissed the speculation following reports that he paid more than 143,750 pounds for the item.

The retired football icon had been presented with the customised piece of jewellery as a member of the winning New York Giants team that defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in Tampa, Florida and he passed on the diamond-studded gold band to his son, Lawrence Taylor, Jr.

Recently, Taylor, Jr. decided to sell off the ring and it was snapped up by a mystery bidder at a sale by SCP Auctions bosses on Thursday.

Soon reports surfaced indicating that Sheen was the one who had placed the top bid.

And Taylor’s agent triggered the rumours by writing on, “Don``t know for sure but that is what we were told”.

However, Sheen, who already has baseball ace Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring, has brushed off the claims, a leading daily has reported.

“RE: Lawrence Taylor’s Ring: As much as I would be honored to own such an important artifact (sic)... I had nothing to do with the acquisition,” the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star wrote on his Twitter blog.