Charlize Theron not comfortable doing theatre; can’t handle live audience

Los Angeles: Actress Charlize Theron says she cannot do theatre as she is unable to handle live audience.

"I`m just not made for that kind of live audience where you don`t create a fourth wall. I take my hat off to those guys. It`s not disconnected enough for me... Some people are good at performing in front of people like that, but I`m uncomfortable at it," the 36-year-old told Interview magazine.

"I think maybe that`s the difference between acting and being a performer... As soon as there are 200 people in a theatre watching me, I get really scared," she added.

Theron also revealed that she had turned down offers from director Jason Reuitman to be part of his famous theatrical reading at Los Angeles`s County Museum of Arts because she could not handle the stress.

"I`ve even said to Jason, `I will jump off a building for you, but I will not do that," she said.