Cher`s life to be made into a musical

Los Angeles: Pop star Cher`s life and career are to be made into a musical for the theatre.

Writer and director Andy Fickman has confirmed that he is all set to make a theatre production based on the `If I Could Turn Back Time` singer, reported celebrity website PopEater.

"We`ll be making announcements about that project coming together shortly. She`s a fairly phenomenal character, Cher, as a human being I think she`s one of the great icons of all time, a force to be reckoned with," said Fickman after Cher made an appearance on stage with Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music awards last weekend.

"The way she looked onstage with Lady Gaga, well, it`s one for the books," he added.

It is not yet known if the 64-year-old icon`s own back catalogue of songs will appear in the show or if it will feature an original score.

Cher will soon appear in musical movie `Burlesque` alongside singer Christina Aguilera. Discussing the film, the veteran singer recently explained the `Beautiful` hitmaker is
at the forefront of the plot, but still calls her own character "pivotal" to the story.

"I`m not really the star. It`s Christina Aguilera`s movie. But, I`m, you know - pivotal. Me and Stanley Tucci are the meat of the thing. But I`m not the star," she added.