China`s live show `The Legend of Kung Fu` comes to India

New Delhi: Live entertainment is set to get an international twist in India. "The Legend of Kung Fu", a Chinese attraction which wowed the world audience at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is set for a multi-city tour here in 2013.

The show is being brought to the country by Arya Carnivals, a newly formed independent business unit by entrepreneur Deepak Bahl.

He has collaborated with Beijing`s China Heaven Creation to stage the extravagant show, which combines kung fu with ballet, modern dance, acrobatics and magic with high-tech lighting and powerful music.

"The show leaves you bewitched and will leave everyone with an experience of an authentic live performance by Chinese warriors. The prime motive of Arya Carnivals is to bring world-class entertainment to the Indian audience and we hope to offer a holistic experience through `The Legend of Kung Fu`," Bahl told reporters here.

The story of the musical, which was first staged in China in July 2004, surrounds a little monk Chun Yi, who overcomes different physical and spiritual challenges and finally becomes a master.

The show has been performed over 5,000 times worldwide, in places like Japan, Russia, Canada, Britain, Spain and the US.

In India, it will be performed by a 50-member troupe from China, post Feb 1, 2013, in the capital, Mumbai and Bangalore. The ticket price is still not finalised, but the minimum entry ticket could cost Rs.1,500.

The show will help in promoting India-China`s cultural relations, says Zeng Yan, cultural attache at the embassy of the Peoples` Republic of China.

"I am in India since 2010, and whenever I asked people, `What`s your image of China?`, they said, `Chinese acrobats and martial arts`. Since I believe this show is a perfect combination of acrobatics and martial arts, it will be a spectacular experience for people here. And it is with such initiatives between India and China that our friendship must be nurtured to promote mutual cultural understanding," said Yan.