Cuban fishermen discover ancient artifacts

Havana: Fishermen in Cuba`s Pinar del Rio province have discovered artifacts believed to be from a 17th or 18th century shipwreck.

The "important marine archaeological find" was recently discovered off the coast of Puerto Esperanza, a town in Pinar del Rio, suggest reports.

The find comprises some 60 artifacts, including firearms, cannon balls, swords and machetes.

"While it`s important to point out that this is an interesting discovery, it`s crucial to insist that such finds of historical value must remain and be preserved in their own setting," a researcher and member of Cuba`s Naval Maritime Historical Group, Enrique Giniebra said.

The coasts around the province are littered with shipwrecks dating from the age of pirates on the high seas, Giniebra added.

This particular find is considered as the most important till date in the province.