Czech police look for stolen Picasso, Renoir paintings

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2012, 09:10 AM IST

Prague: A hunt is on for Pablo Picasso and Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings that were stolen from a private collection of a Czech businessman in the town of Olomouc in the Czech republic, police said.

The owner of the paintings said the stolen masterpieces were worth 415 million Czech kronas ($21 million), reported RIA Novosti.

"Unknown suspects broke into the house of the 51-year-old businessman in Olomouc and having resorted to violence forced the owner to give them the keys for his safe-deposit," the spokesperson said, adding that the businessman was seriously injured, but managed to call the police.

The paintings were stolen in mid-June, but police did not circulate the information until now in view of the ongoing investigation.

The spokesperson added that there were two assailants, who stole one painting by Renoir, ten Picasso paintings and some other valuables.