Elvis Presley’s tooth crown to go under the hammer

London: A dental mould of the Elvis Presley’s mouth, with a spare crown in place, is up for auction and likely to fetch between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds.

Henry J Weiss was Elvis’s dentist until 1971 and jokingly called the dental model of Elvis’s teeth the “King’s Crown”.

Weiss had kept the extra crown with him, in case the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ ever chipped or damaged the one in his mouth.

The “set” is being sold by Omega Auctions of Stockport, Greater Manchester, with five letters of authenticity from Weiss’s wife and sons and Presley’s road manager.

“It is the only one in existence and we expect there to be considerable interest,” the Saily Express quoted spokesman Paul Fairweather as saying.