Exploring devotion via art

New Delhi: Thirty artists have explored "devotion" in multi-dimensional perspectives through an art exhibition using various mediums.

"Devotion is a positive sentiment and one cannot limit it to god alone. We asked all artists to create what they are passionate about, what they believe in and what they feel for," Anu Bajaj, curator of the show by Gallery Art Positive, told IANS.

"Some artists are inspired by nature, some have painted gods. For us, it was an open canvas for all creative minds to interpret the theme in their own manner," Bajaj added.

The theme "Devotion" was first conceptualised in 2005 when Gallery Art Positive came into being. Since then, Bajaj, also the gallery owner, has reinvented the same theme with different artists to portray multi-dimensional elucidations of devotion.

"This exhibition is in its eighth year now. Each year we try to have new artists so that devotion can be associated with an earnest attachment to a cause, a person or belief, or even an assignment or a task," she said.

Artists like Dimpy Menon, Venkat Bothsa, Kristine Michael, Gautam Bhatia, Sandip Pisalkar, Satish Gupta, and Rajesh Ram, among others, have used mediums like bronze, fibre glass and canvas to depict their take on devotion.

The artworks will be displayed at the gallery in Lado Sarai Aug 20 to Sep 20.


(Painting by: Kanikka Sersia; www.touchtalent.com)

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