Fight over stage production of `Slumdog Millionaire`

New York: A stage adaptation of `Slumdog Millionaire` is facing trouble after TV mogul Paul Smith decided to move ahead with the project without Danny Boyle and the original creative team, including composer A R Rahman.

The `Jai Ho` hitmaker, who won two Oscars for his music in the film, has reportedly barred Smith from using the hit anthem in the stage version unless the original creative team comes onboard for the project.

Smith, who had an executive producer credit on the multiple Oscar-winning film, owns the screen rights to the story. He decided to bring `Downton Abbey` creator Julian Fellowes to take over after talks with Boyle fell through, the New York Post reported quoting sources.

The film`s creative team, which includes Boyle, screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, producer Christian Colson and Rahman, has said that they will do the show only if they all are brought together.

"There is an artistic picket line forming because people are surprised (Paul) would do this to Danny. The position has been clear for some time that everyone wants to be involved together, or not at all," a source said.

Smith reportedly refused to make a deal guaranteeing Boyle could direct the musical and is moving ahead with the show with a new team.

Boyle and his team want to distance themselves, fearing the show would be a disaster, Post said.

"It is artistically ridiculous. This is about money and ego. Smith feels he didn`t get the control and enough credit for the movie, so he wants it now. (But) they won`t have the original creators, writers or the song `Jai Ho`."


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