French theatre group arrive to perform `The Tempest`

Thiruvananthapuram: Seven actors of the Footsban Theatre from France arrived here today to rehearse alongwith Indian artistes for the `Indian Tempest`, a re-make of the English play by William Shakespeare.

The play is to be performed in collaboration between Indian and French actors as a part of the Guilmaraes 2012 European Capital of Culture.

The play is scheduled to be staged in Kerala in November, in association with local drama troupe Abhinaya, its president D Raghuthaman told reporters here today.

French actors Paddy Hayter, Harris Haka Resic, ZbiegnewSzumski, Vincent Graciewx, Frederica Hyater, Katarzyina Klebba and Fabinen Gravier would take part in the rehearsal with actors from Abhinaya, Raghuthaman said.

The second stage of rehearsal would be held in Portugal and the play would be staged there in May.

It will later be performed in France, Britain, Netherlands and then in Kerala.

The artistic direction of the play was by Paddy Hayter, Raghuthaman said.

Earlier, K Kaladharan, Raghuthaman, Sreelatha Kadvavil and Shaji Karyat of Abhinaya had co-operated in staging of Greek poet Homer`s `Odyssey` in different parts of the world.