Galileo’s tooth goes on display

London: Renowned Italian scientist and astronomer Galileo’s tooth, thumb and finger have gone on display in Florence.

Galileo’s body parts were exhibited when an art collector found them by chance last year.

“The laymen and masons that were attending the ceremony thought that they should have some souvenir of Galileo`s body,” Director of Florence`s Galileo Museum, Paolo Galluzzi said.

“They thought that having a piece of the man would have been a homage to his tradition. The idea of having relics of science is very similar, is a mirror of the relics of religion,” he added.

Galileo’s finger, thumb and tooth went missing in 1905 until renowned Florence art collector Alberto Bruschi unknowingly bought them with other religious artefacts in an auction in October 2009, reports The Telegraph.

“My wish is that at some stage those fingers and tooth will be placed with him in his grave. That way, if one day he rises from his tomb, he`ll be in one piece,” Bruschi said.



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