Gond artists display new-age tribal art

New Delhi: Tribal artists from the Pardhaan community of Madhya Pradesh are adding a contemporary stroke to the age-old Gond mythologies by painting modern-day interpretations using the distinct Jangarhi style of art.

Four artists Durga Bai Vyam, Ram Singh Urveti, Mayank Shyam and Bhajju Singh Shyam have through a collection of 24 paintings titled "Jangarh Kalam: Contemporary Art of the Adivasis" showcased intricate patterns, lyrical figures and vibrant colours pioneered by prolific folk artist Jangarh Singh Shyam.

"This is a tribal style of painting which grew up in the city (Jangarh Shyam, whose style is called `Jangarh Kalam`, was encouraged by famed artist J Swaminathan and evolved in Bhopal before going international).

"It is tribal in so far as it is narrating the tribal story or mythology.”