Hema Malini promotes young classical dancers at Mumbai event

Mumbai: Young exponents of Indian classical dance were given a platform by Bollywood actress Hema Malini to showcase their talent at ‘Jaya Smriti’, a dance festival that is held in memory of her mother in Mumbai.

Malini said: “Jaya Smriti is in memory of my mother. I have been organizing this programme every year for the past six years, to promote young talent, because my mother always supported young classical dancers and singers.”

Enthusiasts watched as young dancers took to the stage, gracefully giving life to their art. Malini, however, bemoaned the fact that while there were many young people who took to classical dance, there was a lack of audiences eager to see new names, whereas people turned in large numbers when Malini herself performed.

“I keep performing. It is nothing new for me. ‘Jaya Smriti’ is meant only for the youngsters. I want to promote young people. But, the problem is that I am not getting (enough) audience, because they (the dancers) are new. Tomorrow they are all going to be great dancers and are going to make a big name.
People will be craving to get a ticket, but they will not.
Each and every one I am selecting and bringing onstage, they are all very talented artistes,” she said.

Malini herself took to the stage, performing a Bharatnatyam routine with a troupe of younger dancers.

Her daughters Esha and Ahana are also trained Bharatnatyam dancers, and often accompany their mother in her performances.