Hitler`s paintings to fetch £150K at auction

London: Recently discovered paintings by Adolf Hitler could fetch more than 150,000 pounds when they go under the hammer this month in Shrops, say experts.

The selections of watercolours were all painted around 1908 when Hitler was simply known as an artist attempting to earn a living.

Scenes depict views across vast areas of farmland with a distant church spire on the road, village scenes and rows of factories.

The paintings have come to light after an unnamed lawyer found them in a large estate in Austria`s north.

Richard Westwood-Brookes, of Mullocks Auctions, disclosed that the Fuhrer used to offer to paint night landscapes for tourists to try and earn some money.

"His daily activity was to go out and paint - he was penniless," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"He simply wasn`t good enough, particularly when drawing people the perspective was all wrong. There`s been a lot of research done into the rejections and some have labelled it as a turning point in history," he said.

He added, "If he`d been given a place in the academy the most we`d ever heard of Adolf Hitler would have been that he was a routine artist painting some nice landscapes."

Westwood-Brookes said that when the lawyer moved into the property the painting was just sitting in a cupboard.

The auction would take place at Ludlow Racecourse, Shrops, on September 30.