India mourns the death of MF Husain

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New Delhi: Reactions have been pouring in from all quarters on the day of Indian artist MF Husain’s sad demise.

MF Husain, India`s most celebrated painter, died in London last night at 2:30 am (June 9, 2011). He was 95 and was not keeping for some time.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today condoled the death of celebrated Indian artist MF Husain in London, terming it as a "national loss".

Here’s a look at some influential personalities speaking about MF Husain’s death:

Ambika Soni: Loss of any creative genius like MF Husain will be mourned in any nation. It’s true that Husain was sad and pained by certain controversies, but the man was truly a gentleman in not showing his displeasure or annoyance in public.

Mahesh Bhatt: On his death I remember a famous quote by Bahadur Shah Jafar:

“Kitna hai badnaseeb zafar dafn ke liye
Do gaz zameen bhi mil naa saki koo-e-yaar me”

It’s a great loss and I am more depressed over the fact that he could not be buried in the land he was born.

Jagit Singh: I remember his fond memory during a concert where he made my painting in front of a live audience and that painting was auctioned later, whose money was donated to an NGO. About his controversies, I would say that anyone who is as big a phenomena like MF Husain will court controversy which eventually gets blown out of proportion for political and personal interests.

Jatin Das: What torments me the most is that Indian government didn’t make much effort in bringing him back to India. Just spoke to his son Shamshad. He was admitted only 2 days before. He was not well. He should have got an opportunity to come to India.

Akhil Sibal: He always wanted to come to India. Even as he was physically not present in India, his heart was always here.

Kunal Kapoor: I have been fortunate to start my career with him. He was a great artist, a child at heart; truly an example of a life lived to his fullest. Really passionate about what he was doing.

Arun Vadera: I am in a state of shock. Didn’t believe he will go in the way he went. He missed India, there’s no doubt in that. His eyes used to fill up every time there was talk about India.

Shabana Azmi: There was such a child like quality in him. He had this habit of coming to our place impromptu and on finding no one in the house, would start sketching on any piece of paper that he would find on table. He would remain immortal. It is a huge loss not only to the artist community but to the world. It is matter of deep regret that an artist of a caliber like MF Husain was not living in India, though being an Indian citizen. He was very firmly rooted in the Indian soil. I know how sorry he was that he was not allowed to come back to his country. He didn’t feel safe. Just enough wasn’t done by our government to bring him back.

Anjolie Ela Menon: I am still in shock. Reams would be written about him, he is immortal. Highly energetic, he walked upright; he had the energy of a youth. Even if he was older he stood against age. How could you think of this man as gone? His legacy will rule in the contemporary art.

Muzzafar Ali: Had a long relationship with him. He was inspiring and a warm person. May his soul rest in peace.
Shobhaa De: He was very committed. Perhaps the most misunderstood artist of our time. He should be given a state recognition; a state funeral should be given. His death should be honoured in a proper and dignified way.

Suhel Seth: The so-called protectors of Hindutva (and I am a proud Hindu) created hell for M F Husain because of their damn intolerance. Shame.

Pritish Nandy: Sad. Very sad. Husain was one of my best friends and I shall miss him deeply. One of the greatest artists of our time.

Abhishek Bachchan: Very sad to hear of the passing of M F Husain saab. A wonderful person and a great artist. May his soul rest in peace.

Shashi Tharoor: Deeply saddened by passing of M F Husain. Giant of Indian art & wonderful personality, creative till his last breath at 95. A great loss for India.

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