India to set up Mahatma Gandhi Centre in the Netherlands

New Delhi: The spirit of India will shine at the Hague in Netherlands, where the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) will inaugurate the Gandhi Centre Oct 2 on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Centre will serve as the overseas cell of ICCR, which helps formulate and implement policies pertaining to India`s external cultural relations, a statement by the ICCR said Tuesday.

ICCR President Karan Singh will inaugurate the centre in the Netherlands which has a significant Indian diaspora.

Karan Singh, who left for a four-nation tour Tuesday, will arrive at the University of Santa Cruz, where the ICCR has been supporting the Satyajit Ray Centre on the campus with a grant of $100,000 since two years.

Karan Singh will address the university on the Vedas Tuesday. He will thereafter proceed to Paris for the biannual meeting of the executive committee of UNESCO to deal with several projects.

The ICCR president will be in the Hague Oct 2 for the inauguration of the Gandhi Centre.

Finally, Karan Singh will visit Belgium for a day to take part in the inauguration of the biannual Trans-Europe Cultural Festival, Europalia, where India will be the focus country in 2013.