Indian artists decline participation in art show in Israel

New Delhi: A group of Indian artists, invited to an art show in Israel, today declined to be part of the exhibition as part of their "academic and cultural boycott of Israel" and express solidarity with Palestinian artists and intellectuals.

"By declining to participate in this show, we refuse
to legitimise the illegal and apartheid policies of the
Israeli government against the people of Palestine and to
become a part of `Brand Israel`," a statement from the artists
The artists who refused to be part of the art show
"Deconstructing India" included Nalini Malini, Anita Dube,
Amar Kanwar, Sakshi Gupta and Pushpamala N.
Artists Vivian Sundram, Ram Rahman and Gauri Gill and
art scholars Geeta Kapoor and Nuzhat Kazmi are among others
who have supported the move of the artists.
"Deconstructing India" is supposed to take place in
early 2012 at the newly built wing of Tel Aviv Museum designed
by American architect Preston Scott Cohen.
According to the protesting artists, the show is
planned to be a showpiece for the "discredited Israeli
government to increase its status and prestige

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