Indian painter to showcase art

Updated: Apr 04, 2011, 18:39 PM IST

Muscat: Noted Indian painter Murali Nagapuzha will exhibit his artworks at the Indian embassy in Muscat starting April 6.

Titled "The Fiction of a Landscape", the painting exhibition will feature some of the best known works of the acclaimed painter, according to Gulf News.

Nagapuzha`s speciality was his "amazing ability to summon up the mind-boggling natural beauty and diversity of his home state of Kerala - trees, shrubs, bamboo groves and weeds are the sitters of his portraits - strong and characterful, yet naive in execution", the daily said.

French art critic Nicholas Bourriaud, referred to Nagapuzha`s work as a "naive and pantheistic representation testifying to a figurative lavishness".

Indian art historian Alka Pande said his works were like "a singular voice in contemporary Indian art for the immediacy of the medium, the lushness of colour, the sensuality of expression".

India`s Ambassador to Oman Anil Wadhwa said: "Murali Nagapuza is an amazingly talented artist, whose forte is the portrayal of nature in its true colours, forms and detail - especially the lush green landscape of Kerala."

Another admirer of Nagapuzha`s paintings, Indian Ambassador to Qatar, Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, said: "The work of Murali Nagapuzha has an extraordinary quality, because it effortlessly spans the world."

"For me the pounding vibrancy of his colours and perfection of technique combine to recreate the sensuousness of Kerala, where the munificence of nature can be seen at its fecund best."

One of Nagapuzha`s paintings have been been selected by auction house Christie`s, proceeds from which will be donated to a child charity organisation.